Chez Sonia, Home of Quality Wine

Chez Sonia, Home of Quality Wine

On 24 June 2019

Thinking of starting a restaurant business? Here's how a resilient entrepreneur started a wine bar and tips on how you can do it too.

Chez Sonia in French means “at the house of Sonia” and it's here that wine lovers to go discover different varieties.

The owner, Sonia, created the open the resturant so that people could explore good quality wine. Part of delivering this meant investing in great varieties and an inviting ambiance. She opened her doors for the first time over one month ago.

Chez Sonia is the perfect place to hold business meetings and even to hang out with friends and family.


For the people who value quiet time, the restaurant provides that environment for you because the peace enables you to work effectively as you sip on your favorite glass of wine. The journey has not been easy for her as any entrepreneur  would say. As a result it was important for her to choose a payment service that would help her position and enable her business to grow. During the period of starting the business she came across Pesapal that provided her restaurant with the Point of Sale solution that enabled her to process credit card payments effectively.

Pesapal was an easy and affordable option for her for processing debit and credit cards. Due to the efficiency of the service, they are able to offer an improved experience for all their customers. Their goal is to continually provide quality and value for money for their clients.

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