Cocolili Africa; The Story of An East African Retail Brand

Cocolili Africa; The Story of An East African Retail Brand

On 17 May 2019

Cocolili is an East African retail brand that offers high quality tailored clothing and accessories for women, men and children.

It aspires to encourage Africans to own their products and to proudly wear them so as to encourage and build its culture. Cocolili seeks to narrate the African story through its bold, vibrant and colorful prints which are individually customised for the brand.

It was founded in November 2016 by Furaha Bishota as a pop-up store in the Hub Karen where it existed for one year. After the year, they decided to find something more permanent and so they moved to the Village Market. As the business was growing, there was need to expand hence she decided to branch out and open a smaller store at the Westgate mall.

At Cocolili, all the fabric is created by their in-house designers. To add on to that the designs are customized by the designers always ensuring that they are Afrocentric. Furaha’s idea was to create a brand that is classy and reminiscent of what is beautiful about Africa so  the prints are very bold and beautiful.

As they were creating their website, they needed a payment service provider that would accept foreign currencies as they get orders from overseas . It was at this point that she partnered with Pesapal so we could provide the payment solution for their website.  Since she started working with Pesapal she has been very happy with the service as the turnaround time is fast and efficient. The payment gateway has ensured that her clients have a seamless payment system hence making the buying process smooth.

Pesapal provides the online payment solutions for websites and a mobile point of sale solution for in store card payments. To get access to these services email us on [email protected] .

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