The Benefits of A Payments Page

The Benefits of A Payments Page

On 31 May 2019

A payments page is an option for accepting payments as business owner and it works best for travel agents.

Tourism and travel contributed to a total of 8.1% of Africa’s GDP which is roughly USD 177.6 billion in 2017 according to a research done by Jumia travel. This not only means that Africa remains a leading destination for leisure and business travel but that industry players need to capitalize on their online resources to tap into this opportunity. Online bookings provide convenience for potential clients and make the holiday planning journey seamless. There are a variety of ways in which payments can be made when booking online and finding one that works for you and your customers is essential to your revenue.

At Pesapal, we offer the Payments Page. This is a simple tool created to enable travel agents and hotels receive payments from their customers directly on their website. This tool not only supports online payment methods but also enables multiple payment options in various currencies. With clients across the continent including Africa flash Mctours and Natural World Safaris the tool offers:

  1. Fast & Easy Customer Payment  Journey

The payment process is complete in just three steps.

  • Client inputs their personal details - name, address etc
  • They select their preferred payment method
  • They then make the payment and complete the payment

The Payments page allows your client to make partial payments (deposits) as well as full payments. We give you another option of customizing your payments page to your liking.   As a merchant you have the ability to decide whether you will allow your clients to pay partial or only accepts complete payments.

  1. Diversity

A payments page provides your clients with the luxury of choosing from a variety of payment options. These include Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Mpesa/ Airtel money in both KES and USD. These multiple payment options offer you clients the flexibility to pay conveniently depending on their reference.

  1. Flexible Web design

As a merchant you are allowed to choose where you would want the booking icon to be placed. It can be anywhere on your website so as to make it easy for your clients to find it.

  1. Transaction Fee

Clients are given the option of marking up the transaction fee. This means that some can choose to add the percentage charged for the transaction fee easing you from that cost. The icon can be made visible or not visible depending on what you prefer as a travel agent.

Pesapal offers the payments page as well as a host of other solutions specifically for the hospitality industry. This includes reservpot, pesapal sabi and many more. For more information, contact us on sales@pesapalcom.

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