How Airlines can start accepting Mobile money and Cards

How Airlines can start accepting Mobile money and Cards

On 1 April 2017

With the increase in internet availability and usage, travellers are more inclined towards self service when making travel arrangements.

This means they go online, find their hotels and flights, make their bookings and pay without interacting with an actual sales agent or do so directly on the OTAs site. This has necessitated the creation of simple, easy to use booking engines that cater to different users needs, all with one one goal - closing the sale.



While considering booking engines to use on their websites, airlines need to consider certain aspects such as the user interface - how users interact with different information and content on the site, payment options and security - as users provide personal information to make bookings.

Airlines are focusing more and more on being competitive and part of this is catering to the self service element. Part of this entails offering different payment methods particularly in Africa where mobile money is second only to cash in terms of payment. Card use, especially online is also on the increase with Visa, MasterCard and American Express currently working to grow the adoption by partnering with banks.

Offering multiple payment methods gives travellers the opportunity to pay in the way the find they most convenient. It also ensures that people can pay from all over the world, in whatever currency or method that suits them.


For the airline it eases the pressure off booking desks at airports as more people pay and check in online and also reduces cash handling which is susceptible to theft or fraud. It also makes it easier for them monitor transactions and payments. In a world that is rapidly changing, user centered services ensure that businesses grow as they adapt to changing needs fast.

At Pesapal, we offer a comprehensive solution for airlines that allows travellers to find, book and pay for their flights in one fluid process. The booking engine is also integrated into the site, mimicking the airline's site and brand effortlessly. The booking engine also consolidates all payments into one dashboard, making reconciliation easy. Backend administrators are able so see user transactions, payments.



In 2016, Pesapal partnered with Fastjet to provide a booking solution for their travelers in Africa. Fastjet is a low cost Pan-African carrier that operates out of Tanzania and Zimbabwe and aims to improve airline connectivity in sub saharan Africa. Fastjet was among the first airlines to implement Pesapal’s booking engine solution across its markets.

Find out more about how Pesapal and Fastjet are changing how airlines are doing business on the continent.

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