How To Get Paid Online Using the Payments Page

How To Get Paid Online Using the Payments Page

On 26 May 2021

Pesapal's Payments Page is a simple web page designed to help you receive online payments from your clients through your website.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and mobile money in both your local currency and US dollars. The payments page is hosted on a secure server guaranteeing you and your clients secure transactions when you get paid online.

There are several ways you can use the Payments Page to get paid. These include:

Secure Form - With the secure payments page the client clicks the link on the website. The customer will then be redirected to your payments page to fill in their personal details and the amount to pay. The secure form gives the client control over the amount of money to pay. Check out a simple demo for the open form here

A Secure Payments Page

A Secure Payments Page

Quick Link- This is an e-invoice that you create and send to your clients to enable them to make payments. They are four types of Quick Links:

    1. Packaged Form - This is where the page is linked to a specific event, package, product, or service with a fixed price. Each event, product, service, or package has its own unique URL allowing you to display a ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Book Now’ button on the item on your website. You can also set it up in a way that one can pay for a single item or select multiple items of the same type. Check out a simple demo for a quick link here
      A Package Payments Page

      A Package Payments Page

    2. Quick Link Invoice - A quick link allows you to generate an e-invoice and send it to a specific client via email. It enables the customer to make payment in real-time using the options provided. Check out a simple demo for the invoice form hereInvoice-Pesapal
    3. Quick Link (Invoice with installments) - It enables business person to create an invoice for the client with an option of paying in installments. Once the payment is completed, the invoice is marked as settled.Invoice-With-Installments
    4. Batch Links - Sometimes you may have multiple clients, needing you to send multiple invoices or payment requests. To make this simpler for you, we’ve created a batch uploader that allows you to send out emails with multiple payment requests at once. All you need to do is upload an excel sheet and key in the details. This saves you and your team time and streamlines your business payments. 


As an added benefit, you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to trace how all your payments are made. This dashboard also enables you to trace each client who attempted to pay but never proceed to send money or complete the payment. This allows you to be proactive meaning you can reach out to the client to find out if they need any assistance or need more convincing before making a purchase decision. 


Payments Page: The Easiest Way To Get Paid Online

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