How to Use the Internet to Improve Your Hotel Bookings

How to Use the Internet to Improve Your Hotel Bookings

On 4 March 2019

It is vital for your hotel to effectively utilize the internet to grow the bookings.

Before a guest visits your premises, their first interaction with you will be online, through your website, Online Travel Agencies, or social media channels. It is vital for your hotel to effectively utilize the internet to grow the bookings. Below are the ways in which you can reap maximum internet benefits.

Captivate Travelers with Breathtaking Photography

Pictures are the first thing that will catch a traveler’s attention when they go on your website or land on your social media pages. It is critical to make a great first impression hence you should ensure that you use quality images of your property.


Utilize Social Media Networks

In this day and age, social media is used to search for information about businesses, current events, or to support social causes. This includes travelers researching destinations and accommodation options.

Regularly share useful content that will make the whole booking process easier for your customers. Let your social media pages accurately reflect your property and be sure to include all contact and basic information about your hotel.

Explore Marketing with Google Ads

Due to its widespread reach, Google is one of the best options when it comes to building brand awareness through online marketing. Furthermore, you can be able to track and measure the impact of the ads. Without a doubt, there is bound to be increase in the clicks and conversion rates. The ability to track the performance of ads enables you to know where to focus in terms of productivity.

Direct Bookings Through Your Website

Having your own website is not only one of the most cost-friendly marketing tools, but it is also the best avenue to generate direct sales online without having to pay commission to a third party.

Integrating a booking engine onto your website will reduce the chances of visitors bouncing off your website in order to make a reservation and this is a great opportunity to convert a guest.

Increase Website Traffic with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the ongoing exertions made to improve the prominence of a site through what is known as earned effects. This involves word searches and optimization, link and reputation building, and more in order to obtain the first spot of the search engine. For example, someone searching for a Hotel in Kampala in google should be able to view your hotel among the first five options.

Expand Your Reach through Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) are a very important aspect of the growth of a hotel. Although costly in terms of commissions charged, the main advantage is the extra exposure that OTAs produce, allowing your hotel to pick the interest of guests who might not have found you through alternative channels.


Reserveport is an online tool that simplifies booking and reservations for Hotels while saving the Hotel costs on commissions.

How Reserveport could help your Hotel:

  • Channel Management - manage rates, room availability and view bookings for all your online channels (your website,, Expedia, Agoda, AirBnb, etc.) in one place.
  • Direct Guaranteed bookings - save on commissions by enabling guests to reserve / book or pay from your website 24/7 and save up to 18%
  • Secure Online Payments - enable guests pay easily using Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Mobile money via your website

To learn more about how Reserveport can help your hotel make huge savings and make your hotel more efficient, kindly let us know and we'll be happy to give you a demo.

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