Making your Business Valentine-Ready with Pesapal

Making your Business Valentine-Ready with Pesapal

On 4 February 2022

Couples are always on the lookout to impress each other but given the last-minute culture, there tends to be a panicked horde of masses willing to give in to the necessity of Valentine’s mood.

How therefore, can businesses using Pesapal’s tools make use of this prime time to give their marketing efforts a boost?

Unsurprisingly in the last five years, Valentine’s Day has grown to be more than plastic flowers and sweet-worded cards. 

Retail Businesses

An analysis of the previous year’s sales is key to making the right marketing strategy. Additionally, your potential customers are looking for that eye-catching gift that is definitely worth sharing on social media.

Pesapal’s Sabi POS gives you access to a myriad of reports retrievable on Pesapal’s Merchant Dashboard. As a business owner you can therefore analyze 2020 fast mover items, the discounts & offers that created a buzz as well as your loyal clientele for remarketing.

Tip: Consider sharing your offers with Pesapal to plan a more effective marketing campaign to a wider pool of customers on social media.

Hospitality Sector

Valentine’s Day for hotels & restaurants is about offering a unique experience, creating an ambiance, and defining the brand culture. This is the busiest night for most hoteliers & restaurateurs who get it consistently right; and in 2021, it’ll be the most lucrative weekend. Customers are more interested in offering their partner a value-based experience rather than a cost-based one. 

Reserveport by Pesapal is the most effective tool to ensure your hotel or restaurant stays atop your competitors. By creating packages & meal plans themed Valentine’s Day, your customers can book & pay directly from your hotel’s website. 

For restaurants, you can allow your customers to pre-order or reserve seats ahead of Valentine’s Day on your website.

Tip: Aim to fill your establishment with Valentine’s Day customers who are definitely likely to spend more.

E-Commerce Platforms

For jewellery, liquor, flowers & chocolates and accessory items such as wallets, the best  avenue is to sell them online. Given the length of queues at the stores on the 13th evening, most people will be looking for emergency gifts online.

By integrating Pesapal’s API into your online shop, you’ll be able to have a grip of your payments, store inventory as well as promote discounts & offers to your target audience. Remember to optimize your landing pages with keywords such as “gift ideas for men” or “Valentines Day gifts for her”.

Tip: Package the gift with custom art that encourages the perfect Instagram post which your customers will then tag your business page thus creating more brand awareness for your business.


Finding a way to leverage the marketing potential of Valentine’s Day in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis is one of the highest hurdles businesses have to jump over. In conclusion, for annual festivals and events, always take steps to ensure you are well prepared. 

Always have a sales & marketing strategy at least four weeks ahead of the time. Stock up on your marketing collateral such as well-designed graphic designs, catalogues & branded gifting packages.

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