Oracle-validated integrations for your hospitality business.

Oracle-validated integrations for your hospitality business.

On 26 May 2023

Oracle Hospitality consists of a suite of applications designed for use in the hospitality industry. These applications cater to various functions including property management, guest management, revenue and operations management, restaurant management, inventory management and so much more. All of them uniquely designed to work together to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Oracle cloud and server-based solutions ensure all systems used to manage your hotel business integrate into one platform, making transactional data flow seamlessly for the best experiences.  

Recently these systems have been added to mobile applications. This functionality ensures housekeeping duties are managed remotely. The mobile application can place reservations and check room status ensuring transparency and enhancing convenience within the business. 

Why Choose Oracle Validated Integrations? 

Oracle-validated integrations have been assessed, validated, and certified by Oracle to work seamlessly with hospitality products. These integrations are designed to help businesses streamline their operations and reduce the risk of integration issues while increasing efficiency. 

There are several reasons why Oracle-validated integrations may be beneficial for businesses: 

  • Compatibility  

Oracle integrations offer a guarantee of compatibility as they are thoroughly assessed and certified to work seamlessly with Oracle Hospitality products. This is key as businesses can be confident that the integrations will not cause any compatibility issues with their existing systems thereby reducing the risk of integration downtime. 

  • Costs Reduction 

Integrating different software applications can be a complex, time-consuming and costly process for businesses. Oracle integrations can help to significantly reduce costs, as they have been pre-tested and validated to work with Oracle's products. Businesses can avoid the cost of developing their own integrations which are in most cases expensive and time-consuming. 

  • Improved Efficiency 

Integrations are designed to streamline business operations and improve efficiency; automation reduces the risk of errors while improving data accuracy. This is key to improving productivity and workload reduction allowing the business to focus on more important tasks. 

  • Enhanced Functionality 

The functionality of business applications allows the business to access new features that were previously not available in their existing applications. This improves business processes and streamlines operations while providing a better overall user experience. 

  • Customer Satisfaction 

Validated integrations for businesses contribute to the improvement of customer experiences. Integrating different systems allows data to be readily available helping businesses to create personalized experiences for their client base while increasing customer experiences as well as loyalty. 

  • Client Support 

Client support is key as it ensures the much-needed resolution is offered in the event of any integration issues or problems. Oracle client support teams can help to troubleshoot and provide quick solutions, reducing delays and ensuring business continuity. 

  • Business Continuity 

Technology updates continue to evolve to keep up with current trends. In this regard, validated integrations are significant as they can help the business to adapt to changing technology and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace by providing flexible and scalable integration solutions 


Started in Kenya and regulated by the Central Banks of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, Pesapal provides a secure way for individuals and businesses to make and accept payments. Pesapal is a gold-level member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and an authorized reseller and validated integrators of the Oracle Hospitality suite. Currently, the company’s operations are available across the listed East African countries. 

When integrated with Opera PMS the two are powerful as they ensure acceptance of digital bookings and payments with Oracle hospitality solutions. 

We offer installation, training as well as maintenance to hotels and restaurants using the Oracle validated integration systems. 

Oracle Hospitality Integrations 

Oracle Hospitality solutions available for integration include the Opera Property Management System (PMS) and Simphony Point of Sale (POS). These two solutions operate in the hotel and restaurant areas, respectively. 

  • Opera PMS 

Opera PMS is designed for the hospitality industry to manage as well as automate operations in hotel, resorts, and other lodging facilities worldwide. The system manages guest check-in and check-out, room reservations, housekeeping, billing and invoicing, revenue management, sales and marketing, and reporting.  

Opera is highly customizable and can be configured to meet the specific needs of a hotel or resort. The user-friendly interface is efficient and dependable, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection. Additionally, there is support for multiple languages and currencies, making it a versatile solution for hotels running in different countries and regions. 

Reserveport by Pesapal is a booking engine that is integrated into Opera presenting an interactive interface for digital bookings and payments. Reserveport 

Why Choose Opera (PMS)? 

Hotel businesses using Opera PMS enjoy: 

  • Streamlined Operations 

Opera streamlines and automates hotel operations and, in the process, leads to increased operational efficiency. Streamlining guest operations, reservations, housekeeping, and billing saves time as well as operational costs for the business while ensuring quality guest experiences. 

  • Improved Client Experience 

Opera can actively check guest history and preferences, guest profiles, and personalized marketing helping hotels to supply a personalized guest experience. This ensures guest satisfaction is improved within the hotel. 

  • Revenue Management 

Opera powerful revenue management tools help hotels maximize their revenue and profitability by allowing automatic adjustment of room rates based on demand, occupancy, and other factors, as well as other dynamic pricing strategies guaranteed to increase business revenue. 

  • Reporting and Analytics. 

Reporting and analytics are significant to any business operation, Opera supplies a range of tools that can help hotels analyze their performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed business decisions. 

  • Integrations 

Opera allows for integration with other hotel systems such as point of sale (POS), electronic locking systems, and guest loyalty programs. This makes it easy for hotels to manage all aspects of their business from a single platform, ensuring efficiency while reducing the need for multiple software applications. 

 Simphony POS 

Simphony POS (Point of Sale) is designed for businesses in the food and beverage industry. This includes restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. The user-friendly interface incorporates menu management, table management, order management, inventory management, as well as reporting. 

In addition to this, restaurant owners can create and edit their menu items, set prices while managing reservations and track pending and running orders. Simphony POS integrates with Pesapal Sabi Point of Sale, making it easy for businesses to accept multiple currency payments from customers. Pesapal Sabi 


Why Choose Simphony POS? 

There are several reasons why a business in the food and beverage industry should choose to use Simphony POS: 

  • Operational Efficiency 

Integrating Simphony POS in your food and beverage business streamlines operations and simplifies workflows. This makes it easy to take orders, process payments as well as manage inventory. 

  • Flexibility 

Simphony POS’s customizable feature allows businesses to choose functionalities that are best suited to their area of operations. Integrating restaurant functions reduces the complex nature of operations and allows a seamless flow of data. 

  • Mobile Application 

Simphony POS can be accessed from remote sources with an internet connection. This feature allows staff to take orders and process payments from anywhere in the restaurant or even from mobile devices. 

  • Integration 

The software integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and services, such as payment processors, accounting software, and online ordering platforms. This can help businesses save time and improve their overall efficiency. 

  • Reporting and Analytics 

Simphony POS provides detailed reporting and analytics features which are guaranteed to help businesses gain insights into their sales, customer preferences, and inventory levels. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations to improve profitability. 

Benefits of Oracle-validated Integrations. 

It is important to look at the major challenges that previously interfered with the operations of the hospitality industry before the development of Oracle Hospitality solutions. The challenges included. 

  • Payment reconciliation. 
  • Fraud management. 
  • Speed of service. 
  • Real-time reporting. 

Oracle solutions have streamlined operations, enhanced security, and improved efficiency in the hospitality industry. 

Pesapal integrates with Opera PMS and Simphony POS presenting powerful systems which accepts digital bookings as well as offer a platform for secure card payments with Oracle Hospitality solutions. The interface offers powerful reports and analytics tools that ensure merchants get access to dashboards that allow real-time transaction monitoring. These transactions can also be extracted from excel sheets for financial controllers to produce important recommendations for the business. 

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