The Exquisite Onomo Hotel Kampala

The Exquisite Onomo Hotel Kampala

On 11 August 2022

The first thing that strikes you when you visit Onomo Hotel Kampala is the art on the walls, the beautiful outdoor sitting space, and of course the food.

Located in Kampala's heart, Onomo is much more than just accommodation or an eating place. It’s a lovely, beautiful space that definitely delivers the rich African culture. The name Onomo which originates from Mali means harmony and while the hotel has bold architectural elements, the design is a beautiful symphony. The geometric patterns on the hotel’s exterior and the vibrant interior decor details are a conversation starter. The ambiance can be felt throughout the hotel and is reflected in the spacious rooms. Undeniably, Onomo is one of the best luxurious hotels in Kampala offering exceptional services and comfort. 

Known for curating innovative cuisines with the best fine dining experiences, Onomo records high guest occupancy and reservation  rates throughout the year. To maintain its household name and ensure all guests are satisfied at all times, the hotel has set up systems that facilitate seamless processes. 

Customers are keen on experiences and hotels rely on this to keep their guests coming back. From food ordering to check-in, and the overall stay, the experience has to be unmatched. Onomo partnered with Pesapal to facilitate their online and in-person payments. 

In this digital era where people no longer walk with cash, Pesapal Sabi POS machines have helped customers to pay for their hotel stay seamlessly. The Pesapal POS machine process Visa and Mastercard for those paying in person and American Express for those paying online. Guests can also make payments either in USD or local currency. 

In a sit down with the Onomo team, they explain how Pesapal payment solutions have helped them get paid easily and in return to serve them better. Watch out 

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