When Flowers and Finances Fuse, Great Things Happen

When Flowers and Finances Fuse, Great Things Happen

On 29 April 2019

Beautiful flowers have the ability to make you smile even when you don't want to.

Every other day, there is always a reason to celebrate and make merry. This makes the gifting businesses very lucrative as clients constantly have a reason to gift their loved ones. Fusion Florist is a flower and gift company that endeavors to deliver smiles to all their clients. There are flowers for every occasion and with different kinds of arrangement such as envelope, base, heart boxes available. It is a company that has been in existence since January 2018.


Challenges As An Entrepreneur

Getting the initial capital to start the business was their greatest challenge. This is because not many investors are willing to invest in start up businesses  especially those that they are not familiar with. Finding a convenient office location was another challenge as most office spaces in Nairobi are expensive. Additionally getting licenses to conduct businesses makes it even harder. But once all those were in place, running the business became easier and allowed them to focus on their core work.

Marketing The Business

The couple invested in staying innovative by constantly coming up with new products that would ensure that their clients keep coming back for more. This means investing time in getting quality reviews and engaging clients on social media and making the clients feel as though they are valued and appreciated. Word of mouth has also worked well for them because clients that are happy always refer them to other potential customers.

Encounter with Pesapal

As soon as their website was ready, they were looking for a payment option that would facilitate fluid payments with the foreign market which was their largest market at the time. They were also looking for a payment gateway that offers quality customer service. As soon as they registered with Pesapal, they were assigned someone who would walk with them and explain to them exactly what they needed to know about the payment transactions. Since then, the working relationship with Pesapal has been great.

At fusion florist, pesapal offers the online payment service option that ensures that their payments are fluid and straightforward. This makes their clients shopping experience seamless. We can also provide your business with this solution, reach out to us on [email protected] and we will set you up.


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