Duka Manager

Keep Track on Your Business on Your Phone

Keeping proper records is key to successfully managing your business. Duka Manager is an easy to use tool that allows you to keep records of all your business activities from one secure app.

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Why Use Duka Manager

Duka Manager allows you to manage your business inventory, sales activities and make payments conveniently with a simple, convenient and free app.

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How Duka Manager Works

1. Download App

Download the Duka Manager app from the Google Playstore

2. Register

Install the App on your phone and register to get your Business.

3. Input Stock

Input initial stock for the products you have within your shop.

4. Get Started!

Start selling and track of your store day to day.


Download Duka Manager

Explore the Duka Manager app

Simple features to help you maximize your business returns.

Track your Stock

Track your inventory and with alerts in place for what products are running out.

Track your sales

Track all your cash and credit sales and see the performance of your products and store.

Track all payments

Track all payments that are being made within your store and know where you are spending.

Duka Manager  App

Activity Report

Track all sales and earnings in real-time with report showing each transaction.

Track customers

You can track all your credit customers to keep track of loyal customers .


Offers secure process to manage your shop, while keeping transparency for all.