6 Smart Ways Of Acquiring Capital To Fund Your Business Ideas

6 Smart Ways Of Acquiring Capital To Fund Your Business Ideas

On 16 December 2019

Capital is the most important asset that you need to fund your business idea, in order to make your dream become a reality.

You should be able to have the knowledge of how you can best get funds for  your business in order to thrive during stiff competition. Plan to have diverse sources of income so that in case one does not work out your business will still run. You should dedicate your time and energy in researching for funding options so that you get long term stable funding from serious investors. Today we discuss 7 ways to obtain funds for your business idea.

     1.Acquire A Grant

Government grants are the best since you will have ample time to get your business on its feet and have time to pay it off. This will revive your business so that you can be stable enough to grow and hire staff and be able to maintain them in the long run. Despite the competitiveness of acquiring it is worth it to the last cent even though the process to acquire it is quite tedious, you should understand its relevance for your business.

     2.Seek Mass Contribution

Seeking mass contribution is the widely practiced way of obtaining proper funding for your business, especially among the millennial's, who are the majority with innovative business ideas that they are eager to launch to the mass market to make ends meet. All you need is a captivating predominance in order to pitch your idea to renowned established investors, for example in Kenya you can opt to sign up for KCB Lion’s Den and if your idea makes sense to them you will have capital that you won't have to pay back. Getting yourself heard is very crucial for it will open a door for you to the masses and luckily globally.

  1. Acquire From Your Social Network

Family and friends are the best people to acquire capital from for your business, since you won’t need to pay back with interest, considering their trusting relationship with you. You should have integrity enough not to strain your relationship with them since you will need them in the future , therefore paying them back slowly by slowly will make them feel respected and in case you need their help again you will be guaranteed help.

  1. Approach High Net worth Angel Investors

Make it your priority to search for  high net worth angel investors who you can pitch your idea to in person. Always be ready with an elevator pitch that is a short speech that you can use to sell your business idea to any potential investors that will convince them to plug in. Not only will you benefit from an angel investor  financial support but the immense knowledge that he has acquired over the years, that is if you are humble enough to ask him to guide you through it all. As the saying goes your network is your net worth so find that high net worth client.

  1. Save With A Goal in Mind

As a businessman you are naturally resourceful and most of the time you acquire capital from your savings. Write a well researched business plan that includes your vision, mission, objectives, SMART goals and action plan. Once it is ready, begin to work from there so that it will help you know the amount of money that you need to be looking for in order to achieve that. Saving with a goal in mind will help you cultivate discipline when it comes to spending because you will quickly remember what you are planning to achieve with the money. 

  1. Take Advantage of Good Debt

There are  credit facilities that are willing to offer businesses loans, that can help you to develop your business. All you need is to prove  that you are able to pay back the loan and  explain to them your business plan to enable them to process money for you speedily. Ensure that you have a solid financial plan before taking a loan so as to avoid misuse of funds. Work hard to ensure that the business is comfortable paying off the loan and leave some money for your  daily upkeep.

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