Donak Safaris: Your Travel Companion

Donak Safaris: Your Travel Companion

On 16 December 2019

Donak Safaris is the perfect example of how unity in vision can enable people to achieve anything that they set their minds on.

Every business story is different. For some they are lucky enough to hit it off from the beginning with high quality equipment and products but for many others it is about the story of from grass to riches. At the end of the day, the thing that matters the most is unity in vision and finding a way to achieve all the goals planned out in the start of the business. Donak Safaris is the perfect example of how unity in vision can enable people to achieve anything that they set their minds on. Pesapal had the privilege to have a conversation with the Director of Sales & Operations Mr. Beatus Fongomali and this is what he had to say about their story.

Pesapal: Let us in on some background story of Donak Safaris?

Beatus: Donak Safaris is a family-owned and family-run business based in Arusha, Tanzania  that started off as a car hire company. As the business grew and increased its market share, we moved to become a fully registered Safari company.  

Pesapal: What is your unique selling proposition?

Beatus: At the moment we brand ourselves as a ground handler for overseas agencies. As we speak we have partnered with more than ten travel agencies, providing transportation services, guide booking, accommodation bookings and  guide services who are multilingual with up to fifty guides at a time. We own a young fleet of more than 45 extended land cruisers that can serve up to three hundred tourists at a go. 

Pesapal: How has Pesapal helped you to achieve your business goals?

Beatus: Pesapal is our primary payment method to our clients. We are able to create a secure payment link that we can personalize to each of our clients. As soon as they get the link, they fill the form online and then we immediately receive a notification and it reflects on our merchant dashboard. Upon withdrawal of our funds we receive it after 48 hours without fail. It provides a convenient payment method for our clients who are traveling without cash, hence  it is easy for them because they can even use mobile money to make the payments. 

Pesapal: As we wind up what would you say to people who are reading this  about Traveling?

Beatus: As a Tour operator I am encouraging everyone to travel. It is a life changing experience that exposes you to different environments that are a change of what is normal to you. You get a chance to interact with people from different cultures so as to give you a broader worldview. It is about deciding early and saving up so as to ensure that you will have a good time without having to dig too deep into your pockets last minute. 

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