Great Tips on Festive Season Social Marketing

Great Tips on Festive Season Social Marketing

On 29 September 2017

Are you running an online marketing campaign this festive season? We've prepared a few tips to help you make sure its a success.

1. Plan and Have A Strategy

Plan early and decide exactly what you want to achieve this festive season. Are you planning a special Christmas sale and need people to know about it? Are you looking to boost your sales and increase revenue? Or do you want to increase your brand’s profile. If you are at looking at aspects of all three, you should create a strategy that encompasses them all. You also need to figure out where your target audience spends most of its time and prioritize the resources you dedicated to those channels. This include any budgetary allocations you need to make.

For example Twitter is popular with a younger, more tech savvy crowd. The nature of the platform doesn’t allow you to post long winded sales pitches but its short form posts allow you to create conversations around your brand.

Figure out what Facebook, YouTube,  Instagram, SnapChat and LinkedIn can do you for as well and plan around them.

2. Involve Your Audience

When planning a campaign, see that involves your target audience and elicits their interaction and feedback. This can be done by creating question format content or emotionally driven content. For example if you are selling a cooker, ask your audience what meals they plan to cook over the festive season. You can also make a video showing how cooking and food bring people closer over Christmas. Regardless of what you are selling, ensure all the content is centered on the target audience and the value you provide.

3. Review and Adapt Constantly

While you might have a strategy in place, the feedback you may get from the campaign may need you to adapt are make changes to the plan. For example, you may have planned to work more with images and throw in an occasional video, but you might find video works more for your overall goals. You need to adapt accordingly. Look at the feedback that your audience is giving you and work with what appears to resonate with them.

4. Have A Little Fun

A social media campaign is a great way to show that your brand has a personality. The festive season is a time when people are happy and have let their guard down a little. Do the same with your brand. Inject humor into your interactions with your audiences, post photos of your team winding down and show that your brand is relatable. Its important to show the human aspect of your brand and make it part of your value proposition.

However you choose to plan to execute your strategy, remember to learn as you go along and at the end review the results against your overall goals so that you can continually improve your brand and sales. All the best this festive season!


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