How Loscious Collections is Enabling Women To Live A Curated Lifestyle

How Loscious Collections is Enabling Women To Live A Curated Lifestyle

On 26 July 2019

Here is the story of how Pesapal helped a young entrepreneur to achieve her business dreams in Kenya.

Loscious Collection is a Kenyan-based fashion company founded by Dorothy Ochieng’ that exists to offer women the option of living the curated life. The curated life means carefully choosing what you allow to shape your identity and sense of well-being. 

Pesapal: Tell us about your brand and what your business stands for

Dorothy: Loscious Collections is a brand that conveys style, quality and a great shopping experience. We cater to women who are fashion savvy, on the forefront of style and desire products that provide quality and value. 

Pesapal: How has your journey been as a business?

Dorothy: We started out as an e-commerce store where our customers would buy our products online.  We saw an increase in demand for our products and in April 2019, we opened our maiden store at the Treasure Gardens in Kilimani, Nairobi. We have experienced a few challenges along the way but we are grateful for a loyal clientele. Through referrals from happy customers, we have seen our sales steadily grow over the months. 

Pesapal: Has accepting card payments helped your business?

Dorothy: Yes it has. Whenever a customer comes to the shop, they are provided with a variety of payment options. Initially we used to accept cards online. The mobile point of sale solution from Pesapal gives our clients the option of paying with their card. This has made upselling our products easier as customers are able to pay for items outside their initial budget. They come in for one thing and decide to leave with three and card payments give them the flexibility to pay for more as opposed to cash or mobile money. Plus cash payments are risky because you have to worry about security. 

Pesapal: Oh that’s great…...

Dorothy: Yes it is! I also like that I can carry it around when I go for popup markets or I’m making any sales from my car because some of my clients prefer more personalized service, so it’s really handy. I also like that I can track my sales. That is really important because as a growing business I needed to account for every penny I make. It’s simplified how I keep track of what I make. 

Pesapal: How do you see your business growing in the next five years?

Dorothy: I’d love to get our name out there. I’d love for more people to experience our products because we really do offer the best. I’d also love to open another store in a different town, see how it goes. 

You can find out more about Loscious Collections and their business here. Here are the tools Pesapal tools Loscious Collections use:

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