How To Add Your Visa or MasterCard Card On Pesapal Mobile

How To Add Your Visa or MasterCard Card On Pesapal Mobile

On 22 July 2019

Save your debit or credit card on Pesapal mobile for a faster and more convenient payment process.

Adding your debit or credit card on Pesapal Mobile makes it easier for you to make payments on the app as the money is automatically debited from your account. It’s a simple and safe way to go about topping up your airtime (Airtel, Telkom, Safaricom) paying your bills (Kenya Power, Zuku, Dstv, Gotv, JTL Faiba), buying events tickets (Ticketsasa), ordering your food or making holiday arrangements. 

So how do you do it?

First, you need a bank issued Visa or MasterCard card. In most cases your ATM card or prepaid card should work just fine. Your card needs to be valid (not expired) so make sure you check the dates at the front of your card. Next up, open your app and then:

  1. At the bottom of the home page, Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Cards & Payments’
  2. Click on ‘Add Payment Option’ and select the Card option
  3. Fill in your details and add all the billing address - make sure you provide the same details you gave when getting your card
  4. Fill in your card number and add your CVV number from the back of the card and save your details

And that’s it, you can now use your card to transact on Pesapal Mobile. 

But wait, how safe is it? Can someone use my card to make fraudulent transactions?

No they can't, because we don't store your card details. We use a tokenization system that ensures that your card data is encrypted and safe from prying eyes, ours included. We are also PCI PIN certified, meaning we employ world class security measures to safe-guard your money. 

Okay, this sounds cool. I can do this. But wait, how much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. That’s the best part. Using your card on Pesapal Mobile is absolutely free. We don’t charge any transaction fees so you only pay for what you need to. No more. No less (unless we are running a discount promotion, which we do occasionally, so be on the lookout for that). 

For real?

Yes. So let’s say you want to buy Kenya Power tokens worth KSh 1,000. You’ll only pay KSh 1000. Not KSh 1,000 + a transaction fee. It’s not only efficient, but saves you money too. 

Don’t have the Pesapal Mobile App? 

Get it from the Google Play Store or from the iOS App Store today!

Need help along the way? Get in touch with us here or call us on 0709 219 000

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