How To Manage Your Retail Business During Covid-19

How To Manage Your Retail Business During Covid-19

On 13 May 2020

The unprecedented times brought about by Covid-19 have forced businesses to come up with new strategies in order to stay afloat during these tough times.

Good thing is that it is possible to reach your customers wherever they are. Whether you sell clothes, groceries, fruits or bikes you can adapt to the current situation and make the most out of it. 

We have prepared some tips that can help you manage your retail business right now.


1. Maximize on Your Loyal Client-base

It is very likely that most of the people who are buying from you right now are clients that you have built a relationship with overtime. Try your best to ensure that they are comfortable every time they shop with you. Inform them about the measures that you have put in place at your store to protect them from the virus as well as to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Appreciate them for shopping with you: a simple thank you can go a long way as well as requesting them to give you feedback on the products or services they have consumed.


2. Sell on Social Media

With the current situation worldwide, many people are spending more time on social media to get current news as well as for leisure. Utilize these platforms in order for you to reach a wider customer base and to create more awareness for your business. Invest in taking quality images for your products that will be attractive to the eye and convince more people to buy from you. You can link your online store to your instagram so that your followers can shop with you more easily. 


3. Invest in Content Marketing

Create content that will add value to your customers about various topics that are of importance to them. You can find an interesting way of incorporating your business and the products or services that you sell with ways in which they can put them to maximum use. For example if you sell fruits you can come up with delicious smoothie recipes that they can try out with your fruits and post on your social media pages. Creating valuable content will help you to be considered a thought leader in the industry that you specialize in.


4. Invest More in Your Website

Having a good website will make it easier for you to be discovered online by potential customers. In case you have no website you can consider installing a payments page which is a simple web page designed to help you receive online payments from your clients through a website or your social media pages. As soon as you have a website set up, maximize on search engine optimization through the use of searchable keywords that will make it easy for you to rank higher when a person searches something on Google. 


5. Limit In-person contact

In order to protect both your customers and your staff, consider employing less person to person contact buying. One way to do this is by allowing your customers to pay you using digital payment methods so as to avoid physical transactions such as using invoices .


6. Get Paid The Easy Way

Offer your customers flexibility of choice when it comes to making payments by enabling multiple payment options both on-site and online. Pesapal is a trusted payments service provider that enables your customers to pay you using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and mobile money for either online or at your store using the Pesapal Sabi point of sale terminal. 


7. Request for Reviews

Politely request your customers to give honest reviews about your products on your social media pages. The more your business receives reviews the more credible it looks and as a result people will begin to trust you more and want to shop from you. 


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