Simple Ways To Boost Sales & Make More Revenue At Your Restaurant During Covid-19

Simple Ways To Boost Sales & Make More Revenue At Your Restaurant During Covid-19

On 21 May 2020

It is the goal of every restaurant owner to stay afloat and make revenue even during these uncertain times.

This will require you to stay ahead of the game, be proactive and find  more creative strategies to get to your customers. Refuse to settle for reactive, defensive measures to combat this. In this article we share with you simple ways in which you can boost your sales and make more revenue during this time.

1. Invest in Marketing

Now is the time to ensure that your restaurant gets as much publicity as it can. To generate a lot of traffic put together special events, email outreach and social media. Pull email addresses of your customers, and send them messages to update them about your restaurant’s status and promotions. Social media is a great tool to help you stay top-of-mind of your followers. You can use it to communicate various updates,promotions or offers that you are running. In case you are planning any special packages for upcoming events or holidays social media is a great way to communicate with your customers. 

2. Update Your Website

Restaurants are leveraging on online food ordering and delivering during this time. Ensure that you have an active and updated website that includes your menu and ways in which your customers can make payments online. Invest in search engine optimization that will adopt the use of keywords that will help your restaurant to rank higher in google searches. While more people are working from home there are more people spending time online. Make it easy for your customers to find you online. 

3. Market Gift Cards

This will help your customers to plan ahead to a time when things will return back to normal. Provide a way in which they can purchase gift cards that they can redeem to enjoy with their loved ones when they please. Approach your loyal customers and offer them packages that have value for their money.

4. Personalized Communication

Your customers will not care much about you until they know how much you care. Create personalized messages for them that are informing them about how your restaurant has put in measures to ensure that their safety is a priority. Once they come in, personalize the service they get and cultivate a delightful experience for them. 

5. Leverage on Strategic Partnerships

Restaurants are partnering around relief, lobbying and charitable initiatives in this time of need. Another way to establish strategic partnerships is working with companies that can help you serve your customers more efficiently. Pesapal has created an order management system that is integrated with Micros(the most popular POS) to help restaurants manage their online orders as well as to facilitate seamless payments for their customers. 

6. Create Compelling Content

Creating interesting and unique content regularly is a great way to boost your brand and keep your customers’ attention. One of the ways to do this is to share how you are coping during these times. For example, if you are taking extra measures to ensure that you support your staff in a way you can share that on your website, social media or by email. Go live and host cooking shows, you can get your customers to see how some of their favorite dishes are made from scratch so as to keep them engaged. Post simple tutorials or recipes about various items on your menu that can compel them to want to come and purchase. Ensure that the quality of your pictures and your videos is professional. 

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