The Story of Yujo Izakaya Kampala

The Story of Yujo Izakaya Kampala

On 16 March 2022

Located at the heart of Kampala Uganda, is Yujo Izakaya the famous Japanese-themed tavern offering clients an indulgent dining experience.

Contra to many expectations, Yujo Izakaya is not owned by a Japanese but a Canadian citizen Hanif Rehemtulla, and Richard Prado, a Philippine. The restaurant is best known for serving Japanese cuisine and beverages such as sushi, yakisoba bento, shogayaki bento among others. 

Aside from serving delish meals, one of Yujo’s goals was to also foster sustainability. Hanif and Richard had a dream of absorbing more water than what they released to the environment and the use of solar panels to reduce the strains of the national electricity grid. 

Yujo has embraced technology to create an unforgettable experience for its customers. They use electric bicycles to make delivery which is faster and helps to beat traffic jam. 

The eatery has one of the best chefs, Chef Omasakas, the self-proclaimed ambassador of Japanese food in Uganda. He trains Ugandan chefs how to prepare Japanese food to make sure the culture spreads across the country.  

Pesapal had an interview with the Yujo Izakaya team and they shared some great insight about the business.  Watch our video to learn more 

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