Why You Should Try Out Buying Food Online

Why You Should Try Out Buying Food Online

On 3 December 2018

Buying food online is a luxury that quite a number of people have adapted in this day and age.

Some say that cooking is a very therapeutic activity; others say that it is relaxing; others say that it is artistic. However for some it can be a hectic activity that they shy away from. Eating on the other hand is something that most of us enjoy doing, not just eating but eating good food.

At Pesapal we help you have your cake and eat it. This can be done through purchasing the meal of your choice online in just a few steps.

Online food shopping has a couple of pros that we are going to discuss below.

  1.      Convenience

The convenience that comes with buying food online is incredible. You can get the meal of your choice without moving a muscle in the comfort of your bed at home. In case you are having a lazy day during the weekend and you are not about to go into the kitchen, you can still satisfy your taste buds through ordering for the meal of your choice online.

  1.      Saves On Time

On the flip side you could be having a really busy day at work to the point that you are unable to spare some time to go out to look for food. This could be the time that would have been spent on preparing a meal yourself or going out to grab something to eat.  Spend 5 minutes shopping online in comfort instead and have your food arrive at the front door, be it in your place of work or at home.

  1.      Affordable

The beauty of buying food online is that you get to choose the amount of money you will spend on each purchase. This will eventually help with accountability if you are the kind of person who likes to be accountable up to your very last coin. When you shop online you can see how much your total goods add up to before you buy. This means no more keeping a running tab on your calculator when you shop.

  1.      Variety to Choose From

Everybody likes to have different variety to choose from when you are shopping. There are moments where you yearn to eat a particular cuisine at a particular time. In case you are buying the food online; it is like you get to be at different restaurants at the same time. You are given various options to choose from popular restaurants within your area of operation.

If you want to buy food online today you can try  Greenspoon, a premiere online delivery service for ordering from Nairobi’s best restaurants and grocery stores. If you are interested in organic foods, you can also log-on to, where you can browse through their diverse range of menus. Once you order from them you can use Pesapal to pay conveniently with either MPESA, Airtel Money, Visa and MasterCard, and enjoy the convenience of online buying and food delivery to your doorstep.

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