6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Lead Generation

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Lead Generation

On 28 February 2020

Email marketing is a great way to approach prospects in any line of business.

It provides a company with quality leads that can be converted to new business. However in case a company does not get it right, then the effort will all be in vain. These are the three key metrics when it comes to email marketing:

  1. Open Rate: The percentage of prospects who can open an email

  2. Response Rate: The percentage of prospects who respond to an email

  3. Conversion Rate: The percentage of responding prospects who subsequently buy

Most Marketing experts focus on the open rate because it is the easiest metric to raise. In actual sense the most important one is the conversion rate because eventually through this you earn revenue. In this article we are discussing the things you need to know about email marketing that will help you improve your email results.

1. Make It Easy To Buy

Online business should be seamless so as to make it easy for your prospects to navigate. It is important for you to make your services automated so that one can have easy access to your products through clicking a button. For example the shopping cart for retail stores should be strategically positioned on the landing page so that one does not keep looking for it. Focus on the ease of buying by removing all the barriers to buying.

2. Always Include A Call To Action

A call to action prompts your target market to take further steps towards integrating your products with their business. You can do so many things with it such as: ask customers to click on a link, request them to fill out a feedback survey form, or even ask customers to make a purchase. At the end of the day the intention is to increase your customer engagement with the view of converting them to customers. 

3. Creative Subject Line

The subject line is the first interaction that your target market has with your email. Ensure that you use words that will capture their attention compelling them to take action and open the email so as to find out more information. In order to earn credibility, find lines that will capture the attention but will communicate accurately. 

4. Communicate from customer’s point of view

When it comes to sending emails to your prospects the main focus should always be the client. Avoid putting too much focus on praising yourself and what your company is all about. Customers will not care much about you until they are convinced that you have what they are looking for. The goal should be to offer value to all your prospects because they will want to know about you only after they have considered buying your products.

5. Avoid Sales-like Language

Some sales statements appear to be very fake and can be repulsive. In many instances prospects don't like pushy salespeople who use very aggressive sales techniques. Due to their experience with such people, many believe that the salespeople are known to be exaggerating things. One should always remember that if you are unable to back something up with facts avoid saying it.

6. Avoid Long Wordy Emails

Prospects only give cold emails a few seconds of mental attention. As a marketer you should craft an elevator pitch that you can write down to pass your message across in the simplest of ways. One method would be having one benefit that the prospect will get if they plug in, one unique selling point and one call to action. In emails avoid providing a link, the call to action should appear at the end of your email message as few people have the patience to go all the way off site.

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