Creating an Effective Easter Campaign

Creating an Effective Easter Campaign

On 10 March 2021

More than ever customers want to be addressed as humans rather than prospects or target audience. This is because we live and work in emotional times.

The unfamiliarity and the variation of emotions not to mention the intensity of those feelings has a role in how people relate to each other, brands and their environs. They’re as present in our professional lives as in our personal ones. 

As such, these sentiments should affect how businesses plan their marketing campaigns especially for holidays such as Easter.

Here are a few tips to creating an effective Easter marketing campaign depending on the sales channel that’s most convenient for your business.

Offline Marketing Campaign

The industry is murky with chocolate and candy for kids (and sweet toothed adults) but how can all the sectors take up the opportunity to create amusing family vibes?

  • Experiential Set-Up

Mixing fun and curiosity in-store is a compelling mood that shoppers of all ages can identify with. Easter themed stickers on the floor, such as bunny tracks, creates a traffic flow to designated Easter promotions. 

For kids, you can change the design of the bunny tracks to popular Disney cartoon figurines such as Mickey & Minnie Mouse leading to boys gifts and girls’ respectively.


  • Limited Editions

Easter is a time for families and it gets the kids having fun, hunting for their Easter egg. This gives parents time to relax and browse products in-store. It doesn’t need to be restricted to kids either. Hosting adult Easter hunt is a creative option with limited editions of certain products.

For cafes and restaurants it implies offering special drinks or food on the menu that’s an alternative. 


  • In-store Shopping Incentives

What will win the loyalty of your customers - a special prize, discount percentage, or brand coupon? Placing posters throughout your store reminding shoppers to keep an eye out for Easter eggs is definitely a win. What’s more, they can bring the Easter eggs to the counter to redeem their prize with a qualifying purchase.


Counter checkout has to be seamless and fast for your customers but you need fast settlement of your transactions to keep the working capital and cashflow well spread over the 4-day holiday. Pesapal’s Sabi PDQ can be integrated into any 3rd party point-of-sale. Reconciliation between the card and mobile money payments is no longer a nightmare regardless of the sector your business is in.

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Online Marketing Campaign

Shopping is hardly a fun family activity particularly for parents with toddlers; between getting the kids ready to finding a parking slot, the mood is usually dampened by the time the stores are crowded with fussy humans.


  • Social Media Contests

This is your marketing opportunity to increase your business profile’s engagement, following and website traffic. Instagram contests paired with boosted ads is a sure way to get your customers talking about your campaign.

However, since most businesses will be going this route, you can strategize differently. Help your followers forget the materialistic aspects of the holidays and invite kindness to others! Your social media contest could be geared towards tagging a friend who needs to win one of your Easter baskets.


  • Online Shopping Incentives

Do you have a lot of small products that don't seem to be moving as well as you'd like? Or maybe a new pastry you’d like to get a response on? Smart bundling in grab bags at an exclusive online sale is one way to invigorate sales.

People love a deal and you could even include free countrywide delivery. As an added incentive, every purchase made online could include a free Easter egg such as a branded water bottle or cookbook.


  • Thank you Delivery Note

Postcards are perfect for retaining a well-targeted audience upon delivery. You can print die-cut postcards in the shape of Easter eggs to drive web traffic to your location by including a special discount code on each card. When customers visit your brick and mortar shop, they can use their code to purchase.

If you have an extensive budget, print out a few stickers and fridge magnets with your business contact details as a reminder to order online from you.


Cart checkout has to be seamless with a wide variety of payment options for your customers. If your online sales channel is only social commerce, you can get paid in minutes via Pesapal’s e-invoicing tool.

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