How to Create an Invoice on Pesapal

How to Create an Invoice on Pesapal

On 1 August 2020

A great feature in your Pesapal merchant account is Invoicing. This allows you to generate and send your customer(s) an invoice.

They in turn can pay you using the payments options available on Pesapal, in this case Mobile Money, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

The funds are then deposited directly into your merchant account. Remember, you don’t need a website to start using the invoice feature. Once you open your merchant account, you can start invoicing your clients immediately. All your invoices are archived in your merchant account.

Here’s how to generate and send your invoice

How to send an invoice on Pesapal

  1. Log in to your business/merchant account
  2. Click on the ‘Invoices’ tab and select ‘Create’
  3. Fill in the description of the Invoice. This helps identify what the invoice is for.
  4. Include a message for the recipient. This may include particulars for the item you are invoicing for.
  5. Select the currency you are billing in; You can then choose to be paid in the selected currency or choose to be paid in the currency that is convenient for your customer. All USD payments are sent to your USD wallet.
  6. Input the amount you are invoicing for and the date.
  7. Put in your Recipient contact name and email or phone number - Remember you can save the details for people you send Invoices regularly.
  8. Send your invoice.

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