Pesapal Sabi

Mobile Point of Sale

Pesapal Sabi is an all-in-one mobile point of sale solution that simplifies how you manage your business as well as payments within your store enabling mobile, card, cash and credit payments.

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Why use Pesapal Sabi

Our Simple Mobile Point of sale comes with key benefits

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How Pesapal Sabi Works

1. Order Terminal

Place your order here and pay for the Sabi card charging terminal.

2. Register account

Register a business account, sign a merchant contract and add bank account.

3. Setup Cashiers

Set up your branches and cashiers to enable you to track and record all your Sabi transactions.

4. Download app & Start!

Download Pesapal Sabi from the Android Google PlayStore and start accepting card payments.


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Explore the Mobile app features

Pesapal Sabi Mobile application comes with the simple features to help manage your business, while supporting card payments


You can run both Local currency (KES,TZS,UGX) and USD transactions.

Digital receipt

Send your clients a digital receipt through SMS or email at the point of sale.

Signature support

Supports cards which require customer to sign, providing on-screen signing.

Activity report

Track all payments in real-time with report showing status per transaction.

Long Battery life

When fully charged, lasts over 24hrs, with ability to charge 200+ transactions.


Offers bank-level security with PCI PIN and PCI DSS service level 1 compliance.