5 Ways To Reduce E-Commerce Returns

5 Ways To Reduce E-Commerce Returns

On 8 September 2021

“Always stay one step ahead in addressing your customer needs. Find win-win solutions for your customers and your business."

Developing an easy return experience will make it easier for you to break the ground and to reach out to more customers through referrals and word of mouth. It is important to note that getting your E-Commerce returns right may make the difference between securing a repeat customer or losing their business entirely. 

Today we show you 5 ways in which you can create a positive E-Commerce return experience for your customers.

1. Provide Prompt Responses

The first step of any return process for a customer is to contact the business owner so as to raise their complaints. You should ensure that you have a team of people who are on stand-by so as to quickly respond to the customers when they make the call. They should be able to explain to the customers the steps they need to take so as to request for a return in the shortest time possible. 

2. Hassle-free E-Commerce Return Policy

The terms and conditions of your return policy can influence whether or not shoppers decide to buy from you. Making it easy to read and clear will minimize chances of errors and misinformation. You are at liberty to choose the policy that best suits you but keep in mind that around 68% of shoppers say that they review the returns policy before buying from the site. State your policy plainly and communicate it proactively for emphasis purposes. 

3. Acknowledge The Demand For Free Return Shipping

The word “free” when it refers to shopping has a magnetic pull. At the point of return, the customer is not pleased with the outcome of their purchase, having to make them pay to return the product will irk them further. That said, it is not practical to offer free return shipping as it would not make much financial sense. The secret is to craft a well-designed returns policy that offers flexibility and choice.

4. Make Refunds Easy

As soon as a shopper returns a product, they usually expect an immediate response. When a consumer gets a delay in receiving a replacement item, they get irritated and could possibly give a negative review on Google which will inevitably ruin your reputation. For those whose requests meet your returns and refunds policy, ensure that you get the money back to them as soon as possible. 

5. Great Customer Service

Handling your customers with care is critical as it will help you to build a good customer relationship. When your customers are calling in order to make a complaint, your customer service team should give them ample time to air out their views and have answers to the questions they might ask. 

As a business owner in the E-Commerce sector, the main goal is to develop a larger market share and to increase brand visibility as the go to shop for the products you are selling. However it is not just about growing your client base but also finding a way in which you can retain your existing customers. 

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