Simple Goal Setting For Business

Simple Goal Setting For Business

On 19 January 2018

For a long time we have used the letters SMART to outline how businesses should go about setting goals and targets - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound. How do you break this down further to make it easier to process?

How do you simplify how you and your team leaders understand your overall vision and achieve goals?

Long Term Goals. Vs Short Term Goals

Identify your long term goals (5 - 10 years) versus your short term goals (6 months - 18 months). Long term goals allow you to look at the bigger picture and understand where the business is heading. Shorter term goals allow you to work towards your long term goals while understanding everyday processes. Break down long term goals as much possible to make sure you can track each milestone and ensure you are track. These goals also need to qualitative and quantitative measures to show that they have been achieved.

Staff and Stakeholder Input

To gauge how attainable and realistic a goal, is it important to talk to the people in the trenches and understanding exactly how they work. Getting their input ensures you set attainable goals and also ensures they feel part of the process, as opposed to just another cog in the wheel. Roping in stakeholders such as banks, creditors and other partners could help you access resources that enable you to achieve your goals.


As you go about working towards your goals, it’s important to keep track of your small wins. Identify milestones you and your team are achieving as they go about and celebrate each step. Not only does this motivate you, but it also allows you to also review your progress and make changes where necessary. While pursuing your goals, it’s also important to be flexible and adapt, as you and your team face challenge and tracking these goals allows you to learn as you move.

Remember goals can seem daunting at first, but having a simple, easy to follow plan should be able to give you the foundation you need to help you achieve your overall vision.


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