How to Earn Credibility for Online Businesses

How to Earn Credibility for Online Businesses

On 15 September 2021

Credibility is one of the key qualities that an online business should possess in order to win customers' trust.

Despite the tremendous growth in the use of technology, there’s a considerable number of customers who still have a phobia of shopping online. They have an array of reasons such as safety of credit card credentials, data protection, privacy among others.

Tips On How To Earn Credibility For Online Businesses

As an entrepreneur, it is your role to ensure that you provide a comfortable environment to encourage more people to shop with you online. Same as respect, credibility has to be earned. Here are tips on how to earn credibility for online businesses.

1. Update Website Regularly

As mentioned earlier, some customers are still skeptical of shopping online because they are afraid of buying from unexisting stores. To address this challenge, you need to consistently update your website by getting rid of products that are out of stock and making sure prices are up to date.

2. Having a Clear Return And Refund Policy

Customer returns have become the norm in the E-commerce sector. Customers always look for stores that have a clear return and refund policy that meets their expectations. Having a clear return and refund policy means customers can return the product they purchased within a specific period, with ease. To build and retain trust you should ensure that your return and refund policy is displayed prominently on your website.

3. Encourage Customers To Give Reviews

In order to succeed in business, you need to encourage your customers to give genuine reviews. This is because you can’t build credibility on your own without the input of customers. One way to do this is to encourage customers to give reviews on your product and services. Engaging customers on social media is also a great way to build relationships and to make them feel important.

4. Guarantee Customers’ Data Privacy

Customers are becoming more cautious with sharing their personal information online. This is a great challenge to an E-commerce business as it directly affects sales. Thus business owners need to assure customers that they have all it takes to safeguard their personal data before they can convince them to shop online. If your website uses a Payment gateway like Pesapal you can include their logos on the checkout page. Pesapal has excellent security features that guarantee the safety of funds and at the same time protect customer card details.

5. Effective Delivery Process

The delivery process is key when you want to win the trust of your prospects. The delivery process starts when you send a confirmation order to your customers, how the goods will be packaged to how the goods will be delivered. To get this process right, you need to avoid mistakes such as delivering wrong orders or damaged goods. You should also consider delivering goods on time so that you don’t inconvenience your customers. Perfecting your delivery process will help you get referrals and at the same time retain existing customers.

6. Show People Who Is Behind The Brand

There is this popular saying that “people do business with people.” When it comes to money matters, no one wants their cash to be handled by unknown people. When customers know who owns the business and the employees of the company they are more likely to do business with you than when you hide your identity. You can also add an “About Us Page” and upload your team photos there.

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