Best Inventory Management Solution for Your Business

1 December 2023

The lifeblood of many retail businesses hinges on the timely delivery of products to customers. Over time, techpreneurs have developed the best inventory management software (IMS) that helps in overse ...

Payouts: how to have your funds paid out efficiently with Openfloat

15 November 2023

Openfloat is a digital cash management platform that can help you minimize operational errors by reducing cash handling. It offers several features that are guaranteed to ensure funds are paid out eff ...

How e-commerce businesses can be more sustainable

8 November 2023

When we think about business sustainability, we tend to focus more on carbon emissions. But virtually, consumers are actively seeking out companies that prioritize sustainability and green initiatives ...

Introducing the Pesapal Dedicated Till Number

31 October 2023

In today's fast-paced world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to make transactions smoother, more efficient, and, most importantly, convenient for their customers. Today, we intr ...

Optimizing Your Website’s Checkout Experience to Reduce Cart Abandonment

27 October 2023

Cart abandonment is a pervasive challenge in the world of e-commerce. It occurs when an online shopper initiates a checkout process but leaves their cart before completing the purchase. Such abandoned ...

Schedule Activities the Easy Way with Reserveport

12 October 2023

The digital age we live in is all about convenience. The consumer has evolved; they are tech-savvy, well-researched, and crave effortless experiences. Today, the demand for operational efficiency can ...

Openfloat Security Features: Safeguarding Sensitive Financial Data

10 October 2023

Openfloat solution digitizes petty cash, payroll and corporate bills payments. You can disburse funds, pay bills, buy airtime in bulk all in one place. We have implemented all the necessary security f ...

Understanding Customer Behavior: Utilizing Analytics to Improve E-Commerce Performance

4 October 2023

Is it ok to describe business actions today as continuous races to success? Or maybe it's just cut-throat competition? No matter how you view it, you will agree that businesses are always trying hard ...

5 Technologies Retailers Need to Satisfy the Modern Customer

2 October 2023

Running a store successfully means more than just selling products. It's about ensuring customers have an easy and pleasant shopping experience, whether they're in the store or online.

Real-time inventory management for retail businesses with Rack on Pesapal

27 September 2023

Pesapal has partnered with Drift to provide a real-time inventory management solution to retail businesses. Retailers can now monitor stock levels, track sales, and receive alerts for low inventory in ...

Pesapal Partners with Drift Consult Ltd to Transform Retail Business Automation with RACK

27 September 2023

In an exciting move set to reshape the retail business landscape, Pesapal, the leading payment services company in Africa, has announced its strategic partnership with Drift Consult Ltd, the innovativ ...

Exploring Average Digital Basket Sizes: Insights for The Retail, Hospitality, and Travel Industry

25 September 2023

The way we shop, and book services has changed in recent years, and businesses across various industries have gained access to a treasure trove of data. One of the key metrics they keep a close eye on ...

Navigating Chargeback Challenges: Safeguarding the Future of Hospitality and Travel - A Pesapal Caffe Series Event

21 September 2023

In our ongoing commitment to empower and educate industry professionals, we held another session of our Pesapal Caffe Series. This time, we delved into a critical topic that has been at the forefront ...

The Power of Reviews for Your Hotel

20 September 2023

The hospitality industry thrives on trust and credibility. Today, nothing speaks louder than the voice of your guests. Before diving into why reviews are a must-have for your hotel, let's shed some li ...

The Future of POS/PDQ Technology: What's in Store for Retailers?

13 September 2023

Point of Sale (POS) systems have experienced a tremendous transformation over the years.

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