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How do I run a card transaction using the Sabi mPOS Terminal?

When you are ready to run your client's card on the Sabi terminal, here's what to do:

  1. Power up your Pesapal Sabi App and terminal. To power up your terminal, long press the small button on the left hand side. If your terminal was idle, long press the green tick button and it will come on.
  2. On the Pesapal Sabi phone app, enter the amount you wish to charge. Please note the position on the decimal point.
  3. Click on the 'Charge' button
  4. Insert your client's card into the card port at the bottom of the Sabi terminal
  5. Ask your client to confirm the amount and enter their PIN. Please give your client adequate privacy as they enter their PIN.
  6. Once they enter their PIN, click the green tick button to complete the payment
  7. If the transaction goes through, 'Payment Completed Successfully' will be displayed on the Sabi App
  8. Ask the client whether they would like an email receipt. If they do, enter their email address and one will be automatically sent to them.
  9. This transaction will automatically be updated under your 'View Activity' tab.


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