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How do I create branches and cashiers in your Sabi mPOS account?

Creation of Branches and Cashiers allows you to track where your Sabi mPOS terminal was used and determine the source of the funds from the point of sale to your Pesapal Sabi account.

To create a Branch and Cashiers for your Sabi mPOS account, you must log into your Business account on Pesapal.

Once logged in, you need to the do the following:

  1. Navigate to the left hand side panel on your business account dashboard and click on POS.
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow and click on Branches.
  3. Create a branch by clicking on ‘Create a Branch’ and filling in the details in the fields provided. Once these details are saved, the branch will be available on the POS page under ‘Branches’.
  4. Cashiers can only be created within a Branch. To create a cashier, scroll to your preferred Branch and click on ‘Cashiers’. Click on ‘Create New Cashier’.
  5. Click on the green button and fill in the details in the provided fields.
  6. Once these details are saved, an email with an activation PIN will be sent to the cashier via the email address and texted to the number provided. The cashier will need this PIN as part of the registration/sign in process on their Pesapal Sabi mobile app. This PIN allows them to start transacting using the Sabi card reader.
  7. To make edits to the cashier, you log into your merchant account and click on POS > Cashier > Select Branch > Click on ‘Cashier’
  8. You can then select the cashier and make any edits.


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