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Adding multiple users to Business account

Pesapal enables you to add multiple users to your account. These users can either perform the same tasks that you perform as the owner of the account, or specific tasks based on the roles they are assigned.


Below is the step by step guide to add multiple accounts

  1. Login to your account
  2. On the left menu go to Account Settings > Manager Users
  3. Click on 'Add A User'
  4. On the resulting form provide the following details
    1. Email (Note that this has to be an email address the user has not used on Pesapal before)
    2. Job Title
    3. Name
    4. Phone Number
  5. Select the appropriate role for the user
    1. Administrator - can do all administrative tasks on the account including adding other users
    2. Normal - Can create an Invoice, Withdraw funds but cannot change Bank details or add other users
    3. Read Only - View only access
  6. Click on Save
  7. After you add a user, they will receive email to activate their account
  8. Once they activate, they should go to login, and click on don't know your password? And proceed to set a new password so that they can access the dashboard based on the role you assigned in 5 above