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Generating Your Merchant Statement Report

To generate your statement, Log In to your merchant account and from the dashboard, select the dates (From - To) and export to an excel or PDF format.


The statement allows you to view all the completed transactions made into your account within the specified period.

  • Select the date: From - To - For the specific period/date when you would like to view your transactions.
  • Date - The date when the customer made the payment
  • Payment Method  - Mode of payment e.g, Visa, MasterCard, Mobile, Pesapal (E-wallet)
  • Confirmation Code - Payment confirmation code associated with each transaction
  • Currency - The currency used to make the payment
  • Amount - Gross paid amount
  • Commission - Transaction fee
  • Net amount - Gross amount minus the transaction fee
  • Buyer name - Customer name
  • Reference - A unique booking reference number generated upon making a payment

Different Statuses and What They Represent

Pending withdrawal - Occurs when you request a withdrawal. This goes through a verification process and is updated to either Complete or Rejected.

Complete withdrawal - Immediately the transaction is completed, the funds will be settled in your account within T+ 48 hours.

Rejected withdrawal - In case the verification process is not successful, the withdrawal request is rejected. A further verification is carried out or funds rolled back to the payer/buyer.